Kids Small Group

What’s Kid’s Small Group Time? My husband and I lead a weekly small group of adults AND kids. We share a meal as families and then the adults share and pray while the kids have their own small group time. My husband and I really wanted our kids to benefit from a small group in the same way that adults do and have it be an intentional time for them instead of childcare to just “keep them busy and from killing each other”. We wanted to maximize their time weekly to worship God through singing, learn scripture together, reinforce scripture with crafts and activities, build relationships with each other, and pray for one another. I’ll be sharing what we’re doing with their time and hope it encourages others.

ABC Verses have been very  popular. You can find sets of them all over Pinterest and the Internet. It’s been an awesome way for the kids and I to be anywhere and be able to “run through” the whole alphabet of verses without forgetting how they start. 🙂 Because my kids did so well with the ABC verses and enjoyed them so much, I decided to make my own version of selected verses for our Kids Small Group.

I’ll share the resources I’ve designed for your personal/not for profit use. 😉 Below are samples of A and B letter size posters.

A PosterBPoster


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