C Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Psalm 51:10

This verse is special to me for a lot of reasons. I love the whole Psalm and it’s a great example of how to go about true repentance. I love all the different prayers David pours out to God. David majorly screwed up and yet God showed his mercy on him. It’s a great lesson to teach our kids. David the amazing man of the bible messed up BIG time. He needed Jesus and so do we. Thank goodness you are waiting with open arms and never turn away a truly sorry heart.





I ended up coming up with an activity that I really felt would be best as a take home lesson so it could be done one on one with a parent instead of for one of our group nights which are kinda hectic with 11 kids.


LESSON OBJECTIVE : I have sin in my heart and Jesus can make me clean. (Very much the foundational understanding of salvation.)

Download the LESSON HERE: Give Me a Pure Heart Activity

Basic run down: We drew a heart and filled it up with all the sin we could come up with and then we talked about how our hearts are sinful and Jesus is the only one who can make them clean. I gave them foam hearts and with washable markers they wrote sin that was in their hearts. Then we used a wipe which represented Jesus to wipe the sin away. The sin was then was on Jesus. We then wrote Jesus on the heart and talked about how Jesus can make our hearts clean when we ask him for forgiveness for the sin in our hearts. We talked about asking Jesus into our hearts for him to help us do the things that God wants us to do. So then they wrote good things that Jesus would help us do on the hearts. We talked about how we can continue to choose to sin, but that when Jesus is in our hearts to help, he helps us follow him and keep asking him for forgiveness. The kids loved it and were really excited to erase those bad things and replace them with good things. We talked about how Jesus is so amazing for doing that for us.

I typed up the whole lesson and it is written to be understood by young children. This lesson could easily be altered and I could picture it being impactful for teenagers as well. I had once done an activity with a group of teen girls where we wrote sins on pieces of paper, asked Jesus to forgive them one by one and then wrote JESUS over the sin in red marker, ripped them up and burnt all our pile of pieces in a bonfire while praying and thanking God for his forgiveness. It was powerful. This heart lesson was powerful for my kiddos and it’s given us great conversations about sin and forgiveness.









We talked about who David was and how he messed up and how our verse was his prayer to God because he was truly sorry and wanted God’s help to get his heart clean.

VELCRO LAMINATED HEART ACTIVITY: We did this as a relay with two teams to build the verse.


HEART CRAFT:I just wanted something fun since the home activity was deep. 😉 Plus it’s almost valentines day. ❤


They had a blast with them!


THREADED HEART:I put tape on the end of the yarn to make it easier to thread, used card stock and then taped the back with packing tape when I was done. This one is more for older kids, mine got frustrated with it so we didn’t use it for our group. I want to try it again with them when I can sit and help them with it because they love how it looks when it’s done.